After you have conducted a search in one of ASU Libraries' research databases your next step will likely be to access the full text of the articles in your results list that look relevant to your needs.

To access the full text of an article look for the following image or text:

GetIt!@asu appears when the full-text of an article is not available in the database you are searching.  It will lead you to the article in another Libraries' database if it is available online.    

If the article you want is still not available online, your next option is Document Delivery or Illiad.

Illiad allows you to order articles and delivers them to you electronically.  

This tutorial will lead you through the processes involved in using GetIt!@asu and Illiad to obtain articles.

Using GetIt!@asu

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Since the GetIt!@asu feature is embedded in the ASU Libraries' databases, let's start with one of the most popular, Academic Search Premier.  

From the ASU Libraries' Home Page, look for Frequently Used Resources in the middle of the page and link to Academic Search Premier

Using GetIt!@asu

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Once in Academic Search Premier, let's imagine you are researching social media's impact on dating.  

Rather than recreating a search, look for the article "Too Close for Comfort" written by Lauren Reed and two other authors.

Enter your search as illustrated above; use the quotation marks around the title ("Too Close for Comfort") and just the author's last name.  

Click on the yellow "Search" box to the right.  

Using GetIt!@asu

3 of 4This is the article you should retrieve:  

This article come from the journal Computers in Human Behavior published in Sept. 2015.

Notice at the bottom of the record the full text of the article is not there!  

Now is the time to use GetIt!@asu.

Using GetIt!@asu

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GetIt!@asu Icon

Click on it at the bottom of the record for your article.  

Like magic there is the full-text of the article.  GetIt!@asu has taken you to another database, Science Direct, that contains the full-text.    

Science Direct Sample 

Most of the time "GetIt@asu" is this easy, BUT NOT ALWAYS!


Using Document Delivery or "Illiad"

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Let's look for an article that leads us to another outcome.  Enter in the search boxes "Cyber-matchmaking among Indians" as a title and Agrawal as an author:

ASP Search

(use quotations around the title again.)

This is the article you should retrieve: 

Cyber Matchmaking Article

 The journal this article appears in is South Asian Popular Culture.  It is a specialized title and as a result the ASU Libraries may not have immediate access to it.  

But fear not!  Link into the yellow GetIt!@asu icon.  

Using Document Delivery or "Illiad"

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You should retrieve a page that is completely different from our first example.  It looks like this:

GetIt Cyber-Match Sample

The box right in the middle says, "This item is not available online."  The ASU Libraries do not have access to an online edition of this journal.  

What do you do now?!

Using Document Delivery or "Illiad"

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From the GetIt!@asu page, near the bottom is a section "Still need help?"  

Click on the link highlighted in yellow below in your live screen: "Request through Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery."

Illiad Link

Using Document Delivery or "Illiad"

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Now you are in the ASU Libraries' Illiad interface: Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery.  

Illiad Logon

Create an account through the "First Time Users" link as highlighted.  

You will need your ASU ID Number (from your ID card), and your ASURite ID (your "My ASU" ID).  

Then create your own Illiad password.  

Using Document Delivery or "Illiad"

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Once you have created an account, when you log in the form for ordering an article will fill itself out for you from the GetIt!@asu interface.  

Illiad Article Request Form Filled

On average, the very next day you will receive your article as a pdf file in your Illiad account!

Using Document Delivery or "Illiad"

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The ASU Libraries will e-mail you a notice that your article has been delivered to your Illiad account. When you log-in to your account, you will see a screen like this:

Illiad Delivery

The "View" links are highlighted in yellow.  These links are the pdf files for your requested article.


  • There is no charge to you for Document Delivery!
  • Delivery is usually very fast, often the next day!


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