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In the right window pane, locate the Faculty/Staff link on the ASU Libraries Home Page.

Hint: Look for the i-icon i icon

Answer the question below.

What are the categories of Links on the Faculty/Staff Information page?


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General Use

Explore the Borrow/Renew/Request feature then answer these questions.

How long can a faculty member keep a book checked out?

If I work on the Polytechnic Campus, how do I get books held at another library such as the Downtown Phoenix Campus?

Review the links listed under Using the Libraries. 

True of False? Each of ASU's Libraries has a JAWS screen reader to support students?

Review the links in the Help section. 

Which service would be best to use when you aren't sure which library resources are best for your course?

Several students in your course say that they can't get a database you assigned to open for them. You have made sure that they have logged in with their ASURITE ID and password so that is not the problem. Which service should you use to report the problem?

Resources Supporting Your Classes

ASU Libraries offers a range of services to support your teaching including course reserves, a system to reserve DVDs for when you want to show a video in class, , tutorials, help with linking to library resources, Library Guides for student research and instruction tailored to the learning goals of your class. 

Review the links and answer the following questions.

Can you reserve a DVD for class viewing or place materials on course reserve using on online form on the ASU Libraries website? 

True or False? I can link to articles located in research databases available at ASU Libraries.

Does ASU Libraries routinely purchase textbooks?

Check out the tutorials link. Which of the following is not a tutorial listed on the ASU Libraries tutorial page?

True or False. I can have a librarian provide library instruction for my student to help them build information skills needed to complete assignments in my class.

Resources Supporting Research

ASU Libraries has great resource to support your research including subject librarian experts, an incredible suite of library research databases, alert services to help you keep up-to-date, managing your information, tools for getting published, and showcasing your research.

Which of the following is not true about the ASU Digital Repository?

Explore the Faculty Research Support Library Guide link. Which of the following questions CANNOT be answered using the Citation Research tab?

True or False? The Faculty Information Page and the Faculty Research Support Library Guide contain some overlapping and unique content. 

ASU Libraries offers a service to help you manage the information you find when you do research in the ASU Libraries Catalog, Library Research Databases or other information sources. What is this service called?


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