Library One Search - Introduction

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Library One Search is the default search method for ASU Libraries and appears right at the top middle on the library homepage

You can think of Library One Search as ASU's Google; it will search most of our digital collections, including e-books, multi-media items and even print materials.

In the Library One Search bar type in saguaro and click, "Search Library"

How many results did you get?

This is far too many results to filter through, but Library One Search has a number of tools to help you narrow it down!
On the left of your screen you will see a number of sections, any of which can be used in combination to narrow your results.
These options are often called limiters or filters and they are quick ways to narrow your search results.

Which of these options is NOT available to narrow your search?

Now that you are more familiar with the untold limiting power of Library One Search, locate the section titled, Refine Your Search.
Under this section, click the link  "Full Text Online."
Next, under Content Type click the link at the bottom that says, "more."
This brings up a list with all the materials types available on this topic. As you can see, you can include or exclude any types you may not want. Click the link for the type, Reference. Once you do, click APPLY at the top.

How many items do you have now?

While we have narrowed our results, there are still a large number of items. Another great way to narrow down your results is by date. 
Under Publication Date you can either use the slider to adjust the date range, or simply type in a year. 
In the left box type in 2010 and in the right box type in 2016.

How many items do you have now?

Using the limiters allows you to include or exclude any of the listed options, either one at a time or in combination with one another. 


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