Determining Disciplinary Perspective

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Introduction: Disciplinary Perspectives?

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Part of your "What's at Stake?" assignment in ENG 101 is to identify the disciplinary perspective of the journals your selected research articles are published in.  

The "disciplinary perspective" means the field of study for the journal.  For example, is the article from a journal of Psychology, or Urban Studies, or Literature?   

Each discipline (field of study) looks at issues and questions from different perspectives, and as college students you need to be aware of those perspectives to be savvy researchers.  

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Introduction: Disciplinary Perspectives?

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But when you are using a multi-disciplinary database like Academic Search Premier (ASP), it isn't always easy to tell what the disciplinary perspective of a journal is. 

So link into Academic Search Premier in the right frame and let's conduct a sample search.  

Once you are in ASP enter the following search:


In the top search box enter "community gardens" and using the dropdown menu at right select "SU Subject Terms."  

In the second search box, enter the term "urban."  

Now punch the Search box on right.  

Introduction: Disciplinary Perspectives?

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Scroll down the results list and find the article:

Urban Community Gardens as Spaces of Citizenship.  By: Ghose, Rina; Pettygrove, Margaret. Antipode. Sep2014, Vol. 46 Issue 4, p1092-1112.

The title of the journal this article appears in is after the names of the authors and in bold above:  Antipode.  

For most students and researchers the title Antipode does not give you any clue as to its disciplinary perspective!  

Now link into the title of the article itself, Urban Community Gardens as Spaces of Citizenship.  

Introduction: Disciplinary Perspectives?

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Once in the "full record" for the article, make one more link from the journal title (in yellow): 

Now you should be looking at a page with a box titled, "Publication Details for Antipode."  

Find the entries for "Subjects" and "Description." 

Subjects: Geography & Cartography

Description: Peer reviewed coverage of radical geography theory and research, particularly that which contributes to politics and practice. The journal's ecumenical approach aims to challenge dominant and orthodox views of the world through debate and scholarship.

Introduction: Disciplinary Perspectives?

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The "Subjects" entry tell you the primary discipline for the journal Antipode, Geography.  

The "Description" provides more information about the journal's perspective, such as "radical geography theory and research."  



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