ASU Online Catalog: Finding Feature Films

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ASU Libraries index much more than books and journals. Streaming video, audio materials, DVDs and videocassettes are also indexed, including documentaries and movies.

Please click on the movie link above for brief popup information on movies in the catalog.

In this tutorial, we will explore various ways to find DVDs of feature films in the Online Catalog and also discover the most expedient and accurate way to locate just the movie we are looking for.

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We can search the online catalog in one of two ways:

  • Click on the ASU Libraries Catalog link in the FIND drop-down menu in the black, horizontal bar at the top of the screen.
  • Or click on the gray Catalog tab above the Library One Search box.

For this tutorial, click on the Catalog link in the gray tab:

 You should now be ready to search the catalog.

2-Searching by title

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 Let us suppose that you are in a film class and are doing a project on the movie Pride and Prejudice.

  • Type this title into the search box.
  • And change the drop-down from keyword to title:
  • Now hit the search button.

2-Searching by title

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How many linked entries on Pride & Prejudice are listed in blue?


There are so many subject/title links in this list because Pride and Prejudice is a very popular work of fiction, first published in 1813.

It has play adaptations and a rich history of books in literary criticism, as well as plenty of audio files and documentaries in streaming media.


2-Searching by title

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Copy the "Pride & Prejudice (Motion picture : 2005)" link in the list on the right and paste it into the Title search box at the top of the page.

In the movie's library record, note "Available Online", Location, Call #, and Status:


The library record for the link Pride & prejudice (Motion picture : 2005) is what kind of material type?

3-Searching by Keyword

1 of 2You could explore other links, trying to find the feature film. But there is another way.
  • Go to the top of the list of links and locate the search box.
  • Change the drop-down from Title to Keyword search.
  • And type the following in the search box: "Pride & Prejudice" AND "feature films"
    • Don't forget to include the quotation marks around the two phrases.
  • Now, hit the search button.


3-Searching by Keyword

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From the short list of videorecordings of Pride and Prejudice, look closely at the call numbers. How many of the items listed are DVDs?



Please scroll up to the top and  delete all text from the search box so that the box is empty. Then click the Search button. This is called a Blank Search.

Doing a blank search takes you to which of the following tabbed pages?


4-The Advanced Search

Doing an Advanced Search for feature films is much easier than doing a Basic Search.

  • In the first search box, type Pride and Prejudice and drop-down from "any field" to "title."
  • Scroll down to the Add Limits section of the search screen and find the "Material Type" box.
  • Move the little vertical bar downward and select Video/Film from the list.
  • Now hit the Submit button.


How many items in the list are feature films in a DVD format, produced by a major movie studio in the U.S.?



In the future, begin your movie searches in the Advanced Search mode. The steps are easier to remember, and it's more efficient.

You can also find DVDs a bit more easily in Library One Search, but that's a tutorial for another time.

Now, prepare to take a quiz on what you have learned about finding movies for entertainment.







1. It is more efficient to search for movies in the Online Catalog by using:


2.  In the Advanced Search, you do not need to place quotation marks around the title in the search box if you drop-down from keyword to title.


3.  Perform a blank search to get into the advanced search mode, and then search for the DVD of "To Kill a Mockingbird." How many DVDs do ASU Libraries own? [Be careful to read the status of the call #s.]


4--Why is there a copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird" at the Law Library. Choose ONLY the best answer.

5. Change the drop-down to keyword and type "smoke signals" AND DVD . Look at the extended record for this DVD. Who is NOT an author in the following list of names?



6. Do another blank search, which puts you in the Advanced Search mode. Type KUNG FU HUSTLE in the first box; select Video/Film from the Material type drop-down menu. Then hit search. Where is this item located?


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